Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Borned Free

Lots has been written by the neo-melungeonist cretins in the past few decades. Often creating the illusion that the mixed bloods of East Tennessee and Southeast Kentucky were weak victims, chased off their land, murdered et. Even forced to live way up on the horrible mountain ridges. How horrible does this beautiful place look ?........

                                                             Vardy Valley, Hancock County, Tennessee 

First of all, the Southern Appalachians are one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I would think one would choose to live there, why not ?

Not all the mixed bloods stayed in the Southern Appalachians,. It's well documented some went north and west, onto Indiana, Missouri, and places further West. They had freedom of movement, to go where they wanted.

They had freedom to worship, the way they wanted, proof is in many Church records. They owned land, paid taxes, just like their neighbors.

Sure they were poor at times, had struggles, what early Mountaineers didn't ? In the mid 19th century, in Hancock County there were some voting problems, but they went on. I don't think they whined about a thing, they were strong survivors, not weak victims.

I'm not fond of this construct of weakness, others aren't either. Pure rubbish.

The following music video 'Born Free' by Kid Rock, might get across my point, listen, read the lyrics.........

That's my 2 cents, enjoy the video 

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