Tuesday, October 7, 2014

JSTOR and The Appalachian Journal , Good Tools.....

Here are two resources for both the novice and experienced Mixed Blood family historians / researchers. JSTOR and The Appalachian Journal.

JSTOR is an online library, chock full of interesting papers and reviews.......

JSTOR short for Journal Storage and is a digital library founded in 1995. Originally containing digitized back issues of academic journals, it now also includes books and primary sources, and current issues of journals.

It provides full-text searches of almost 2,000 journals. More than 8,000 institutions in more than 160 countries have access to JSTOR; most access is by subscription, but some older public domain content is freely available to anyone.

In 2012 JSTOR launched a program providing no-cost access to 3 items, older articles, for a period of 14 days for individual scholars and researchers who register”

Register for JSTOR on their register and read page.

My recommendations, the first three I’d put on my “reading shelf” right off the reel :

Appalachian Journal
Vol. 33, No. 2 (WINTER 2006), pp. 210-221

Melungeon History and Myth
Appalachian Journal
Vol. 26, No. 4 (SUMMER 1999), pp. 358-409

Brent Kennedy's "Melungeons"
David Henige and Darlene Wilson
Appalachian Journal
Vol. 25, No. 3 (SPRING 1998), pp. 270-298

The Melungeons: A Mixed-Blood Strain of the Southern Appalachians
Edward T. Price
Geographical Review
Vol. 41, No. 2 (Apr., 1951), pp. 256-271

Origin Traditions of American Racial Isolates: A Case of Something Borrowed
Appalachian Journal
Vol. 11, No. 3 (SPRING 1984), pp. 201-213

"Of Portuguese Origin": Litigating Identity and Citizenship among the "Little Races" in Nineteenth-Century America
Ariela Gross
Law and History Review
Vol. 25, No. 3 (Fall, 2007), pp. 467-512

A Geographic Analysis of White-Negro-Indian Racial Mixtures in Eastern United States
Edward T. Price
Annals of the Association of American Geographers
Vol. 43, No. 2 (Jun., 1953), pp. 138-155

Tributary Indians in Colonial Virginia
W. Stitt Robinson
The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography
Vol. 67, No. 1 (Jan., 1959), pp. 49-64

The Appalachian Journal is a Regional Studies Review.......

Appalachian Journal, founded in 1972, is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed quarterly featuring field research, interviews, and other scholarly studies of history, politics, economics, culture, folklore, literature, music, ecology, and a variety of other topics, as well as poetry and reviews of books, films, and recordings dealing with the region of the Appalachian mountains.” 
If you see and are interested in an article at JSTOR, that was published by the Appalachian Journal, but want a ‘hard copy’ , you can order that Volume on their Back Issues page.

As with any second hand sources, be sure and research and double check 'facts' stated in any articles. Just because an article is written by a 'scholar' doesn't  make it the truth.

I hope these two sites might be of help to some....

That’s my 2 cents....