Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tribal / Racial Identity

I often wonder why some people of 'Mixed Blood' or 'Tri-Racial' backgrounds often focus on a Native American Tribal identity, which most commonly is 'Cherokee'.

Autosomal DNA testing shows very little Native American DNA in the Mixed Bloods of Southern Appalachia, in fact usually the highest percentage is European, some Mediterranean, some Asian and some Sub-Saharan African. Native American is always the least of the DNA shown.

That's the case with my tests, and the results of matches I have with documented people that are of 'American Mixed Race' from Southern Appalachia.

The way I see it, claiming to be the least of what your background is, well that's like making a chicken soup with 2 pounds of chicken, 2 cups of stock, one cup of carrots, 1/2 cup of celery, and calling it celery soup.

I have yet to see anyone claim 'to be' a 'Mandingo' or a 'Yoruba' from Africa, or a member of a clan from Scotland or Ireland. Wouldn't that be the same ?
I have heard people claim 'Dukes Mixture' or 'Heinz 57' , which to me means either mixed race or mixed nationality. Honest terms actually, with a humorous twist.
How do I racially or ethnically  'self identify' ? I don't, but if asked, my answer is 'American'. But, to each his own.

That's my 2 cents....


  1. The darker skinned woman is the self-hating, weave wearing trope? The biracial, lighter skinned woman is the conscious more complex character? Yes, a black man made this movie. No surprise.

  2. What movie ? There wasn't a movie mentioned ? What darker skinned woman ? What lighter skinned woman ? Reaching for straws ? Your comment makes no sense.