Friday, January 30, 2015

Looking at Legends

I've been researching my atDNA match with the Lumbee surname Lowry. So far it's been a very interesting 'journey'. 

Researching generation by generation, on the 'female' lines, I'm going back 6 generations of each female line, both maternal and paternal. The male Lowry line I have going back 6 generations, which brings me back to the late 1600's.

Here are 2 of the Lowry's in my matching Lowry line: Rev. Calvin Lowry  and his Father Allen Lowry

So far I've made a few minor observations comparing the 2 groups, the people who were called Melungeons, and the Lumbee.

1. Each group had a different migration path from coastal Colonial Virginia 
2. Both groups had strong Christian beliefs and faith early on
3. Collins, Goins and Williams are shared surnames with both groups
4. Their environmental differences  (Lumbee: lowland, river, swamp), (Melungin: mountains), pay a big part in their cultural differences

Below is an article written by Dr. Virginia Easley DeMarce, "Looking at Legends - Lumbee and Melungeon: Applied Genealogy and the Origins of Tri-Racial Isolate Settlements." National Genealogical Society Quarterly 81 (March 1993): 24-45..........

I'll post more, as I discover more. That's my 2 cents....

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