Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Posting Private Emails........

I've observed lots of things in the 16 years I've been looking into the history of the paternal side of my families history. Some good, some bad, mostly good. But recently I think I've come across the worst of the 'bad', the lowest of the low.

I recently received an email from a fellow Mixed Blood descendant, telling me about a non- Melungin descendant 'researcher', who was posting private emails on one of the 'social media' sites, probably Facebook.

What I find interesting, is in a phone conversation with a cousin during the Holiday season, I was told that 'so and so' stated they were going to do 'so and so' in. I guess this is what he was referring to. Sad state of affairs when an 'auslander' is going to do a descendant in. Don't make sense to me.

My take on all this, what has happened to trust and privacy in our world today ?  Who on earth 'saves' emails from years gone by ? Can anyone be trusted anymore ?

Also, if someone will go this low, what is stopping this kind of cretin from altering the content of posted emails ? I guess if this is the new standard, one must be very careful not only who they exchange emails with, but be mindful it could go public.

In my opinion, anyone who publicly posts a private email without the other persons permission or agreement, is not only morally handicapped, but are lower that the lowest cretin. Morally, posting private emails is crossing a line, that no one should cross.

In 'Old School' mountaineer ways, 'Mountain Justice' would have come into play in a situation like this. But what about the 'Law', what does that have to say ?

Here is a video I found that deals with the legal aspects of posting private emails, "Can You Publish  Private Email Message Online ? " by Arizona social media attorney, Ruth Carter.....

Shame on anyone who posts private emails......
That's my 2 cents....

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