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Valentine Collins .... Facts or Fiction ? Part 4

Part 4 of this series, sometimes things are way beyond 'Hogwash' , this is one of those times. This misinformation about Valentine Collins' DNA, is probably the worst yet. The reason I say this, is because these 2 people who put a 'spin' on these DNA results had an agenda, plain and simple.

both of these people are self identified Melungin descendants, I have no reason to believe that either has any ties to to the Historical Melungeons,  not for nothing, they belong to the 'One Size Fits All Melungeons'.

The problem I have with these two, is that they published in their book 'When Scotland Was Jewish" my 12 marker DNA results, kit number, markers and all. This was done without my permission.

They have my results marked as 'Portuguese' ? And they have this all figured out with a 12 marker Y-DNA test ? Give me a break, this is so sad it's hilarious.

Hirschman posted this on the Rootsweb Melungeon-L list on June 30, 2003, when she was 'recruiting' people for her project:

"Here's what I think we will find (my hypothesis): Appalachia was largely settled by persons of Iberian (~ 75%), Semitic (~15%), Indo-Pakistani (~5%),and sub-Saharan African ancestry (~5%), some of whom intermarried with Native Americans (~5%). The persons called Melungeons by Pat Elder will exhibit this same ethnic composition. "  Hirschman's hypothesis

To me, it appears Hirschman tweaked my DNA results to prove her 'hypothesis'.

To give you a background on how this came about , here is the text from another blog post I made on 7/28/14 :  

"I first got involved with Genetic Genealogy in June of 2003. Self identified Melungin Dr. Elizabeth 'Shiksa' Hirschman posted on the Rootsweb Melungeon list that she was offering to pay for a 12 marker Y DNA test, for Melungin descendants. I applied, was accepted and it’s all history from there.

A few weeks later I received my swab kit and mailed it back to FTDNA, and in early September 2003 my results were emailed to me by FTDNA, showing that my haplogroup was E3a. I had no idea what that meant, but quickly found out what E3a was:

"Haplogroup E3a is an African lineage. It is currently hypothesized that this haplogroup dispersed eastward and southward from western Africa within the last 3,000 years, by the Bantu agricultural expansion. E3a is also the most common lineage among African Americans."

My haplogroup’s name evolved over the years from E3a to E1b1a to E1b1a8a and now is shown as E-P278 (shorthand).

I was a little surprised at those first results, as my family’s story was "Our Collins, were once Indians". I just switched gears and dealt with the new facts. I'm still looking for the Native American female.

When my first results came back from FTDNA, I emailed Ms. Hirschman, she told me my results were really 'Jewish' and had some song and dance about France and Portugal, she told me she would run my results past Brent Kennedy, that was the last I heard from her.

I still have copies of her emails to me, with headers, complete in their original form.

That 'researchers' project never went anywhere, it was orphaned.

In fact, this cretinette was data mining for her book, along with Donald 'meshugganah' Yates,"When Scotland Was Jewish". I was appalled to find my DNA results published in this 'book', and to be labeled 'Portuguese' ?

No one in my family ever claimed Portuguese, there is no Genetic evidence of any relationship to Portugal, or to Jews for that matter. No matches in FTDNA’s Family Finder atDNA test, nothing on Ysearch, nothing on GEDmatch, no connection what so ever.

The fact is, my Collins line is brick-walled in the mid 18th century, so there is no paper trail to prove this constructed myth.

What gets me is these people never asked my permission to publish this data in a book, nor did I sign any type of release form.
In hindsight it was foolish of me to trust these snake oil salesman. I guess these 2 'scholars' either failed or didn’t take any courses in ethics."
Here is another link to a post I made on 9/1/2014 'The  Other Melungeon DNA Project'

Another question I have, is why my 12 marker DNA results were published in a book concerning Scotland ?  Maybe Yates and Hirschman know something that I don't, but that is highly unlikely.  

Here are the DNA tests I've taken, with dates and company:

Y-DNA12  Completed  8/29/2003 FTDNA
Autosomal Markers Panel 1 Completed  06/04/2007 FTDNA
Y-DNA37 Completed  09/01/2007  FTDNA
Y-DNA67 Completed  09/03/2008  FTDNA
SNP test D9S919  Completed     09/05/2008  FTDNA
Deep Clade-E Completed  11/18/2010 FTDNA
Family Finder  Completed  07/18/2012 FTDNA
SNP test L372  Completed  02/01/2013 FTDNA
SNP  test Z1704  Completed  02/01/2013 FTDNA
mtDNA Plus  Completed 01/28/2014 FTDNA
mtFull Sequence Completed 01/28/2014 FTDNA
Y-DNA111 Completed 04/04/2014 FTDNA
Genographic 2.0 (Geno 2.0) Completed 10/17/2014  National Geographic
Genographic 2.0 Transfer Completed 10/15/2014 FTDNA

(I had my raw data from Gen 2.0 transferred to FTDNA, then down loaded that combined data to GEDmatch)

My DNA data is also on Y-Search

My present Y-DNA Haplogoup is, in 2 different formats:  E1b1a1a1d1 M96 > M2 > U209........E-CTS10652

Even with all these test and 100's of hours of research, I still can't find a connection to the Portuguese or to the Jews. If that were the case, I'd have no problem with it, as I'm looking to who my ancestors were, not what they were.

If either Hirschman or Yates can prove me incorrect , as the saying goes 'Where's the beef ? '

This misinformation is so off the wall I'm gonna give it the Mandingo  'No Bozo' seal of dis-approval.  

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