Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Straw that broke the Camels back......

When I saw this event on the news today, it made me sick to my stomach, I thought what cretins, of the worst kind.

Video: Turkey Fans Boo Moment of Silence for Paris Attacks, Then Break Out Into This Chant

"A moment of silence for the victims of the Paris attacks was booed by Turkish fans Tuesday during a friendly game against Greece, Reuters reported.

Reuters reporter Ece Toksabay tweeted that the fans booed the minute of silence before breaking out into a chant of “Allah Akbar.” "

Read more here: Turkey Fans Boo
Or here from Canada:  http://canadafreepress.com/article/76847

This brought up memories of when Brent Kennedy and the Melungeon Heritage Association, claimed the people who were called 'Melungins' were of Turkish descent.

That 'theory' was never proven to be fact. It was a fairy tale.

All this has not gone away, if you do a Google search of 'melungeons, turkey' you get over 28,000 matches , see for yourself :  'melungeons, turkey'

Even after the association between the MHA and the ATAA was discovered, there wasn't a peep from the MHA, not a word, nor from Kennedy or his family. Was an apology in order ?

The only person who had the common decency to make a public apology was Mr. Wayne Winkler, a self identified Melungeon, which can be read here: Wayne Winkler apology

This has gone way too far, the descendant's of the people who were called Melungeons, don't deserve this, shame on both Brent Kennedy and the Melungeon Heritage Association for not making public apologies
That's my 2 cents....

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