Monday, May 16, 2016

Kentucky Explorer Magazine

One thing I really look forward to every month, is getting my copy of  'Kentucky Explorer' in the mail. In fact when it does arrive, I stop what I'm doing to look through it. If you are from Kentucky or have roots in Kentucky, this magazine would be of interest to you. 

From their web site: "The Kentucky Explorer was founded by Charles Hayes in June of 1986 at 417 Court Street in Jackson, Kentucky. The magazine was the result of another little publication, The Kentucky Reader, a weekly magazine once used by students across Kentucky.

The popularity of The Kentucky Reader with students and parents gave proof that such a magazine for adults was wanted here in Kentucky. For almost 30 years The Kentucky Explorer has shrived to save the valuable story of Kentucky and her people. The magazine has succeeded in its goals and continues to grow at a healthy pace. Today, we have readers in every state and many foreign countries. Well over 50,000 people read The Kentucky Explorer each month.

Through the years readers with an interest in Kentucky have submitted hundreds of stories, photos, and other features to make The Kentucky Explorer the success it is. The pages of the magazine are filled with genealogy, history, and folklore, much contributed by readers. Since The Kentucky Explorer is an illustrated magazine, hundreds of old and new photos and artwork illustrate our issues throughout the year. Puzzles, maps, recipes, and many other little things of interest are found within. Readers of The Kentucky Explorer tell their friends about it. This is the main way it has been able to grow through the years. We encourage every reader to help our little magazine grow by telling their friends and relatives across the USA about us. We hope you help us in this way too.

The Kentucky Explorer presents all types of material on Kentucky each month. This material may be in the form of new, original work often sent in by our readers or it may be material which has already been published. In some cases edited and interesting passages from long-forgotten newspapers, books, and magazines are presented for our readers’ enjoyment. Also old engravings and sketches from the long ago are used. Thus, The Explorer acts as a distributor of certain rare, published materials many of which are all but impossible to find today. Many of these should be of great interest to the average Kentuckian." 

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