Thursday, September 22, 2016

10 Melungeon Myths and Legends

The 10 most common present day myths and legends concerning the historic people who were called Melungeons:
1. The Melungins descend from prisoners dropped of by Sir Francis Drake on Roanoke Island in 1586.

2. The Melungins descend from the Moors.

3. The Melungins descend from the Turks.

4. The Melungins descend from the Roma's (Gypsy's)

5. The Melungins descend from the Portuguese

6. The Melungins were crypto-Jews.

7. Elvis Presley and Abraham Lincoln descend from Melungins

8. The Melungins were a tribe that had Kings.

9. The Melungeons had their land taken from them by their  'white' neighbors.

10. Melungins descend from the first Muslims that came to North America.

Not one of these myths can be proven by documented facts, they are in fact all myths and legends.


  1. Then what/who were the Meungeons?

    1. a mixture of Western/Northern European, African and American Indian

  2. How do you know that-???? There are many that can dispute your posting.

  3. I'm sure there are, the question is can 'they' backup these myths with historical facts. More importantly with sound genealogy. It's all in the genealogy "mythology isn't genealogy"