Friday, January 13, 2017

Valentine Collins .... Facts or Fiction ? Part 6

Recently while researching my Collins collateral lines, I ran across an article that made me scratch my head. I wouldn't have come across this if my 4th Great Grandfather, Valentine Collins hadn't been mentioned.

The mentioned article was an 'announcement' for "2nd annual Goins Book Reunion and Union of Goins Book relatives and Redbone descendants."  Read it here:  Goins Book Reunion
Or see this 'snip' from the article:

I must say, thanks for the invitation. Since I don't descend from the 'Redbones', this reunion would not have been of interest to me.

But with that said, I don't descend from Vardy Collins, but I am a double 4th Great-grandson of Valentine Collins.

There are a few statements written in this article , that I don't understand, and they have me scratching my head.

1."who matched the female Goins line perfectly as well as the South Carolina Sumter Goins"
I'm not sure exactly what 'perfect' means ?

2.Who matches the Goins female lines ?  Which test did this data come from, is there a GEDCOM file that backs this data up ?

3. I have no reason to believe Valentine Collins ever identified with the name 'Melungeon', never mind 'Redbone'.

Who knows, maybe this information is published in this 'Goins Book'. I tried to find a copy of this book to purchase, with no luck/ I appears the book isn't published yet ?

While I was searching for this book, I did come across this (which could just be a 'typo') :

Well, Joseph Goins was not the husband of Mahala Mullins nee Collins. Mahala Mullins was the wife of John Mullins and daughter of  Soloman D. Collins and Virginia Jane Gincy Goins.

Virginia Jane Gincy Goins line appears to be (I didn't vet this information, so I don't know how accurate it might be), Virginia Jane Gincy Goins > Joseph Goins, Millie Lovins > Joseph Goings, Emily Bunch > Agnes Gowen . So Joseph Goins was the maternal Grandfather of Mahala Collins Mullins, not her husband.

So is this fact or fiction, concerning the Valentine Collins line ?  As far as I can see, there isn't enough data/information to come to a conclusion. I'm interested to find out what a 'perfect' DNA match is and how that conclusion was made.

Here is an educational article concerning 'DNA matches'

Mean while, I'll keep checking to see when this 'Goins Book' becomes available.

That's my 2 cents..... 

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