Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The MHA and the Center for Melungeon Research Part 2

Turks, the MHA, and the cover up of the Armenian Geoncide
Now where was I, ah yes , the MHA, Turks and the Armenian Genocide cover up.
(Part 1 of this series)
I had never heard of the (please click link) Armenian Genocide until January of 2008, on of all places, the Melungeon Rootsweb List.

Who would have thought in their wildest dreams, that the small group of families from Southern Appalachia and their descendents, who were called 'Melungeons', would get involved in such an event. Well they did, without their knowledge.

To really understand all this, one must understand the Armenian Holocaust , that it just wasn't a 'genocide' against an ethnic group, but also a 'genocide' against Christians. 

Let's start off with this video, it will serve as a 'primer' to the facts concerning this tragedy:

For more a detailed view of this dark 'Historical Event' the BBC did an in depth documentary on the subject of the Armenian Holocaust:

To me, the truth is pretty obvious, in this  part of World History, just as obvious as the German's and the European Holocaust.

Stay tuned for part 3 of this series. It will show the facts of how the people who were called 'Melungeons' got involved in this tragedy. Sadly the MHA (Melungeon Heritage Association) was directly involved, weather they knew it or not. Regardless, 'the cat got out of the bag'

Will this history be 'shared' with the Mountain Empire Community College's Center for Melungeon Research ?

That's my 2 cents....

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