Friday, August 21, 2015

Seven Generations by Kelvin Ray Oxendine....A Book Review

Seven Generations  -Ancestors of the Present Day Lumbee- by Kelvin Ray Oxendine

Now and then I run into a great book, This happens to be one of them. Written by Lumbee tribal member Kevin Ray Oxendine.

From the Disclaimer: "It should be noted that the individuals within this book, while they are indeed the ancestors of the present-day members of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, would not have identified as Lumbee due to the fact that the Lumbee Tribe of North Carlina did not officially receive its name, federally, until 1956.
The individuals within this book are simply that, ancestors of the present day Lumbee.
The present-day Lumbee are descendants of a multitude of tribes that banded together in the swamps of Robeson County, North Carolina, to survive the 18th century."

This book is like a family tree in photographs, each page is a different ancestor, with date of birth and date of death, plus ancestral information. A valuable Lumbee research tool /book, for those interested in Lumbee genealogy.

From the back cover: " Kevin Ray Oxendine is a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina who also serves in the United States Air Force. He is dedicated to the advancement and uplift of his people of the Lumbee Tribe through cultural enrichment and historical education. He is the seventh generation grandson of the Lowry Gang leader, Henry Berry Lowry. His purpose for this book was to create an effective visual aid to enhance learning about the ancestors of the Lumbee and Tuscarora Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina."

I highly recommend this book, which is available here....Seven Generations

hat tip to Dianne Hart

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