Monday, August 31, 2015

Worth Repeating.......

I figure somethings are worth repeating, I've posted this before, and think it's worth repeating.......

Dr. Ralph Stanley the "Old Time Mountain Style Music" musician states in his Autobiography "Man of Constant Sorrow; My Life and Times",  the following: 

"A lot of people like to talk about their ancestors. They'll tell you how they're descended from a line of Scottish kings and and what not, and they'll brag on a Lord So-and-So who they say they are related to. Maybe even got 'em a fancy coat of arms framed and hanging on the wall. Funny how you never hear nobody say they come from a gang of horse thieves that got run out of the old country.

I don't know when or why my people came here. Don't know why they decided to stay. All I know for sure is we've been in these mountains as long as anyone can remember.

So I can't tell you much about who our ancestors were. Never been much interested in my family line. I don't know why. Never did try to search the family tree; my dad and my mother didn't either, as far as I know. When I was coming up, people from around here didn't mess around in family history. They were working to hard to fool with it, I reckon. For people in the mountains, it was just get up at daylight, go to bed at dark, and in between work like a mule.

My Mother's father and my Dad's father, that's as far back as I can tell you about, and I don't know much about them either because they died when I was young."

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