Friday, May 13, 2016

Just The Facts........

 For anyone interested in the people who were called Melungins, this is a must read article:

"The Melungeon families came with and were part of the original pioneer settlers before they were labeled Melungeons. Arriving in East Tennessee on, or before 1790. The first U.S. census was conducted in 1790. Under the law the census takers were required to ascertain the number of inhabitants within their respective districts, omitting Indians not taxed, distinguishing free persons from all others, and noting the sex and color of all free persons."

Read the complete article here 'Summary Of Facts'

This article states:

"The male Y-DNA for Romani (Gypsies) Is HM82, and the female mtDNA Haplogroup for Romani Gypsies is M. Neither of these haplogroups is found in the Core Melungeon  Y, or mtDNA test results. And none are found in the Melungeon Families group of 277 members. The Goins Y-DNA project has 175 members and none with the Romani (Gypsies) haplogroup." 

Curios, I took this one step farther and looked into the Bunch, Collins, and Gibson Projects and found the very same thing to be true, NO HM82 for Y-DNA

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