Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day !

From every mountain side
Let Freedom ring.
~Samuel F. Smith, "America"


  1. Not sure where to leave the comment, so I chose the holiday! :) Thank you for your work and alla these resources ... so great to find this blog! I found you quite by accident.

    Aside: I just wondered if you knew whether Bootsy Collins is one of your Collinses? If it turns out he is Melungeon, I will be VERY HAPPY! Abe Lincoln is fine, but lets face it, he ain't Bootsy by a damn long shot, LOL. (his full given name is William Earl Collins) I would love to know.

    In any event, another Melungeon saying hi! I have the regulation shovel teeth, but I am paler than anybody, so we aren't all dark-skinned. Its a genetic crap shoot, and I loved your very insightful piece about that! Great work and thanks again.

  2. Well if you have read this blog you will see I am of the opinion that there never were a people who claimed to be Melungeons, it was a name called them by their neighbors in East Tennessee, , which is based on historical research.
    Abe Lincoln is no more a Melungeon descendant than a pizz-ant. As far as Bootsy Collins, I actually know who he is, in fact a cousin and I use to joke about if he was kin to us.
    Why don't you research his Collins family history and see if he has roots in Floyd Co. Kentucky or Wilkes Co. NC. I have no idea if Bootsy is kin to us. Your comment tickled me to no end !!!